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Loader Radio Remote Control Operator Training Course

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The Bobcat® loader radio remote control operator training course imparts rules and practices for safe operation. It is NOT designed to license or certify operators as skilled or factory authorized operators.After participating in the course, trainees will be able to:

• Explain why the environment of use and machine application is an important factor for safe, efficient and productive operation.
• Explain how to use the Radio Remote Control System to efficiently and safely operate a Bobcat® loader equipped with Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC) or a Bobcat All-Wheel Steer (AWS) loader.
• Discuss how operation of the Remote Control Transmitter affects loader steering, braking and overall stability.
• Explain the difference between Tipping Load and Rated Operating Capacity (ROC).
• Discuss how different ground conditions, speed and slopes can affect the stability and traction capabilities of a Bobcat® loader.
• Identify the controls on the loader and the Radio Remote Control Transmitter, Control Mode Selector / E-Stop Box and their functions
• Identify the loader’s and the Radio Remote Control System’s safety features and explain their importance.
• Explain the steps of safe entry and exit including how to open the rear window of the cab when necessary to activate the Lift Arm Bypass Control feature.
• Explain how to install the Radio Remote Control kit on the loader.
• Understand the operational differences between operating a Bobcat® SJC or AWS loader while seated inside the operator’s cab versus controlling the machine using the Radio Remote Control System.
• Understand the responsiveness of the loader’s hydrostatic drive system, and that the loader will respond to the operator's movement of the steering controls on the Radio Remote Control Transmitter.
• Know the fundamentals of safe and efficient maneuvering, traveling and working with attachments. Understand what attachments are approved for use with the Bobcat® Loader Radio Remote Control System.

Kit includes DVD, 5 handbooks, 5 course attendance certificates, 5 participation cards, safety manual, and administrator's guide.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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