Backhoe Attachment Operator Training Course - SPANISH

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This course is designed to impart rules and practices for the safe operation of the Bobcat® backhoe attachment. Highlights of the course include:

• Following the instructions on the machine safety signs, instructional machine signs and Backhoe Operation and Maintenance Manual
• Properly attaching and removing the backhoe from the loader
• Location of the "Attaching and Removing the Backhoe" decal
• Identify the controls and their functions
• Identify the backhoe's components and safety features
• The importance of a daily backhoe check and periodic maintenance
• How to check out the jobsite before beginning an excavation with a backhoe
• Understanding the proper procedure to get on and off the backhoe
• Understanding the fundamentals of safely driving a loader with a backhoe attached from one jobsite to the next
• Understanding the fundamentals of safely maneuvering and working with a backhoe
• The proper methods for transporting a backhoe.

Kit includes DVD, 5 handbooks, 5 course attendance certificates, 5 participation cards, safety manual, and administrator's guide.