Compact Excavator Operator Training Course - SPANISH

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The purpose of this course is to impart rules and practices for the safe operation of Bobcat® brand compact excavators. Highlights of the course include:

• Identify major components of the compact excavator.
• Explain these operating features of the compact excavator:
    -House Rotation or Slew
    -Independent Boom Swing
    -Track Ground Pressure
    -Auxiliary Hydraulics
    -Why maintenance is an important factor for safe, efficient and productive operation.
    -Identify the controls and their functions, and understand that the excavator will travel in the direction of the blade when the steering controls are pushed away from the operator.
• Identify these safety features and their importance:
    -ROPS and Seat Belt
    -House Swing (Slew) Lock
    -Control Console
    -Grab Handles and Safety Treads
• Know the steps of safe entry, start-up, parking and exiting.
• Know the fundamentals of safe maneuvering, traveling and using the work hydraulics.
• Understan(more...)